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If you see someone having a seizure or fit

there are a few easy things you can do to assist. You have to call an ambulance if you realize it's their first seizure or it is lasting longer than 5 minutes.

It is probably horrifying to witness, however do not panic.

if you're with someone having a seizure:

best move them if they are in hazard – which includes near a hectic road or hot cooker
cushion their head if they're on the floor
loosen any tight clothing round their neck – inclusive of a collar or tie to – useful resource respiration
when their convulsions forestall, flip them so they are lying on their facet – read more approximately the healing function
live with them and speak to them lightly until they recover
observe the time the seizure begins and finishes
If they may be in a wheelchair, put the brakes on and go away any seatbelt or harness on. aid them gently and cushion their head, however don't try to pass them.

do not positioned something in their mouth, together with your palms. They shouldn't have any food or drink until they completely get better.

when to call an ambulance
Dial 999 and ask for an ambulance if:

it is the first time a person has had a seizure
the seizure lasts for greater than 5 minutes
the character does not regain full consciousness, or has several seizures without regaining cognizance
the individual is significantly injured during the seizure
human beings with epilepsy do not always want to visit clinic each time they've a seizure.

some humans with epilepsy wear a unique bracelet or deliver a card to let scientific professionals and everybody witnessing a seizure understand they have got epilepsy.

The charity Epilepsy action has greater information on seizures that closing longer than five mins.

Make a notice of any beneficial facts
if you see someone having a seizure, you can note things that could be useful for the man or woman or their health practitioner to realize:

What had been they doing before the seizure?
Did the character point out any uncommon sensations, consisting of an peculiar scent or taste?
Did you observe any mood trade, consisting of pleasure, tension or anger?
What introduced your attention to the seizure? was it a noise, which includes the man or woman falling over, or frame moves, such as their eyes rolling or head turning?
Did the seizure occur without caution?
turned into there any loss of cognizance or altered focus?
Did the individual's shade alternate? as an instance, did they grow to be light, flushed or blue? if so, where – the face, lips or fingers?
Did any components in their frame stiffen, jerk or twitch? in that case, which elements had been affected?
Did the person's respiratory trade?
Did they carry out any actions, along with mumble, wander about or fumble with garb?
How long did the seizure ultimate?
Did the individual lose control in their bladder or bowels?
Did they bite their tongue?Whiplash damage is a sort of neck harm as a result of surprising motion of the top forwards, backwards or sideways.

It happens whilst the smooth tissues within the neck turn out to be stretched and damaged (sprained).

Whiplash will often get better within a few weeks or months, but for some people it can last longer and critically limit their sports.

symptoms of whiplash
common signs and symptoms of whiplash include:

neck ache and tenderness
neck stiffness and trouble shifting your head
muscle spasms
ache inside the shoulders and arms
less commonplace signs and symptoms include pins and needles to your arms and palms, dizziness, tiredness, reminiscence loss, negative concentration and irritability.

it is able to take several hours for the signs to develop when you injure your neck. The signs and symptoms are regularly worse the day after the injury, and may retain to worsen for numerous days.

when to get clinical advice
go to your GP in case you've lately been concerned in a road twist of fate, or you've had a surprising effect to your head and you've got pain and stiffness to your neck.

they may ask how the injury happened and approximately your signs and symptoms. they will also have a look at your neck for muscle spasms and tenderness, and might determine the variety of motion for your neck.

Scans and tests which include X-rays will normally most effective be achieved if a broken bone or other problem is suspected.

causes of whiplash
Whiplash can occur if the top is thrown forwards, backwards or sideways violently.

commonplace reasons of whiplash include:

avenue visitors injuries and collisions
a surprising blow to the head – as an instance, during sports activities including boxing or rugby
a slip or fall wherein the head is all of sudden jolted backwards
being struck on the top by means of a heavy or strong item
remedies for whiplash
Whiplash will usually get better on its personal or after a few basic remedy.

treatments for whiplash include:

preserving your neck cell and persevering with together with your regular sports – using a neck brace or collar isn't always advocated
painkillers together with paracetamol or ibuprofen – more potent painkillers are to be had on prescription if these don't help
physiotherapy, physical activities and stretches
in case your ache lasts a long term, you'll be referred for expert treatment and guide at an NHS pain medical institution.

Painkilling injections and surgical operation aren't commonly used for whiplash.

study extra about how whiplash is treated.

Outlook for whiplash
The duration of time it takes to recover from whiplash can vary and is very hard to are expecting.

Many people will experience higher within a few weeks or months, however sometimes it may last up to a yr or extra.

excessive or extended pain can make it difficult to carry out each day sports and revel in your amusement time. it is able to also purpose issues at work and could cause anxiety or depression.

attempt to remain tremendous and recognition in your remedy goals. but in case you do sense depressed, communicate on your GP about suitable remedy and support.
How had been they after the seizure?
Did they need to sleep? in that case, for the way lengthy?

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