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Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

is a way of pain remedy involving using a moderate electrical present day.

A TENS gadget is a small, battery-operated device that has leads related to sticky pads known as electrodes.

photograph of TENS gadget electrodes on pores and skin
You attach the pads immediately to your skin. when the machine is switched on, small electric impulses are delivered to the affected place of your frame, which you feel as a tingling sensation.

the electrical impulses can lessen the ache alerts going to the spinal twine and mind, which may also assist relieve pain and loosen up muscle tissues. they'll additionally stimulate the production of endorphins, which might be the body's herbal painkillers.

What TENS is used for
TENS can be able to help reduce ache and muscle spasms because of a wide range of situations which includes:

period ache
pelvic ache as a result of endometriosis
knee ache
neck pain
again ache
sports injuries
it's also sometimes used as a method of pain alleviation at some point of labour.

Does TENS work?
There isn't enough exact-pleasant medical evidence to mention for positive whether TENS is a reliable approach of pain alleviation. more studies is wanted and medical trials for TENS are ongoing.

Healthcare professionals have pronounced that it seems to assist a few human beings, although how properly it works relies upon on the character and the condition being treated.

TENS isn't a therapy for pain and frequently simplest presents brief-time period alleviation while the TENS device is getting used.

however, the treatment is commonly very safe and you may feel it's really worth attempting in preference to, or in addition to, the usual scientific remedies.

trying TENS
if you're thinking about trying TENS, it's a very good idea to talk on your GP about a referral to a physiotherapist or pain health facility.

A physiotherapist or pain specialist may be able to loan you a TENS system for a short period in the event that they assume it is able to assist.

you may choose to shop for your personal TENS gadget without getting clinical advice, however it is commonly better to have a right assessment first, so that you can discover whether or not a TENS machine is appropriate for you and study the way to use it well.

To get the maximum gain from TENS, it is critical that the settings are adjusted effectively for you and your individual circumstance.

in case you discover TENS powerful, you can purchase a TENS gadget from a pharmacy. They variety in price from approximately £10 to £200. more pricey machines aren't necessarily any higher than decrease-priced ones, so it's best to perform a little studies earlier than you purchase.

a way to use TENS
The information beneath is a widespread guide on the way to use a TENS device. You have to continually comply with the producer's precise instructions.

TENS machines are small and light-weight, so that you can use them while you are operating or at the pass. you can positioned it in your pocket, clip it to your belt or maintain it in your hand.

you may use TENS all through the day for as long as you like, although it should not be used even as you are driving, running equipment, or inside the bath or bathe.

Positioning the pads
make certain the system is switched off earlier than you connect the pads on your skin. position the pads both facet of the painful vicinity, at the least 2.5cm (1 inch) aside.

never location the pads over:

the front or sides of your neck
your temples
your mouth or eyes
your chest and higher returned at the identical time
angry, inflamed or broken pores and skin
varicose veins
numb areas
Turning it on and adjusting the power
switch on the TENS gadget while the pads are attached in the correct locations. you'll sense a slight tingling sensation pass thru your skin.

The system has a dial that lets in you to govern the energy of the electric impulses.

begin on a low putting and regularly growth it till the feeling feels strong but at ease. If the tingling sensation begins to experience painful or uncomfortable, reduce it barely.

transfer the TENS system off after you've got finished the usage of it and dispose of the electrodes from your skin.

Are there any dangers of side outcomes?
For the general public, TENS is a safe remedy without a facet effects.

a few human beings can be allergic to the pads and their pores and skin may also grow to be pink and angry, but special pads for humans with allergic reactions are available.

TENS is not secure for absolutely everyone to use. don't use it without first searching for medical recommendation if:

you've got a pacemaker or every other sort of electrical or metal implant for your frame
you're pregnant, or there's a hazard you is probably pregnant – TENS may not be recommended early in pregnancy
you have epilepsy or a heart trouble
Tapeworms are flat, ribbon-like worms which could live for your gut if you swallow their eggs or small, newly hatched worms.

Tapeworm infections are rare in the uk, but are pretty not unusual in other elements of the sector.

Many don't purpose obvious signs and symptoms and may be effortlessly handled. but very now and again, the worms can unfold to other parts of the body and motive severe problems.

signs and symptoms of a tapeworm infection
Tapeworms generally cause few or no signs. you can handiest find out you have got one in case you spot a chunk of malicious program on your poo.

Worms in your poo
Bits of tapeworm found in poo are regularly:

flat and rectangular
white or light yellow
the size of a grain of rice – but on occasion they're joined together in a protracted chain
The pieces of bug may additionally move approximately.

in case you see tiny white worms that seem like portions of thread, they are possibly threadworms. these are commonplace in the united kingdom, specifically in children.

other signs
Tapeworms can also occasionally motive other signs, inclusive of:

tummy ache
feeling unwell or vomiting
loss of urge for food or extended appetite
weight reduction
more severe signs and symptoms can appear if worms get into other parts of the body, such as the brain or liver.

study extra approximately the complications of tapeworm infections.

while to look your GP
See your GP if:

you spot any worms or bits of bug for your or your baby's poo
you have any worrying symptoms that do not go away, together with tummy ache, diarrhoea, or weight reduction
in case you see a bug to your poo, it could help to place the poo in a clean field and take it in your GP. they can ship it to a laboratory to find out what it is.

in case you don't have a sample to usher in, your physician can also give you a box and ask you collect one while you next do a poo. they will also search for eggs or small worms around your bottom.

As tapeworms are uncommon in the uk, your GP can also refer you to a specialist for in addition checks and treatment in the event that they suppose you might have one.

treatment for a tapeworm infection
A tapeworm contamination can usually be handled with a single tablet of a prescription medication known as niclosamide or praziquantel. This kills the trojan horse so it passes out to your poo.

inside the weeks after taking the tablet, ensure you wash your hands regularly – particularly before consuming and after using the toilet. this could stop any eggs getting into your mouth and infecting you again.

A pattern of your poo might be checked after some months to look if the remedy has worked.

Even in case you've handed a big piece of trojan horse, this doesn't continually mean it is long gone completely. it is able to regrow if some of it is left on your gut.

the way you get tapeworms
you may get a tapeworm infection if their eggs or small newly hatched worms (larvae) get for your mouth.

There are several methods this may appear, along with:

eating uncooked or undercooked beef, beef, or freshwater fish (like salmon or trout) – those can include live tapeworm larvae if they may be no longer cooked thoroughly
ingesting water or ingesting meals that incorporates or has been in touch with bits of poo of an inflamed character or animal
close contact with a person who has a tapeworm – they will pass out eggs in their poo, that may get on apparel, surfaces, and food
Tapeworms are found during the arena, including inside the uk, however you're much more likely to get them in places with negative sanitation and much less strict food hygiene requirements.

stopping tapeworm infections
To assist lessen your chances of having a tapeworm:

do not consume uncooked or undercooked beef, pork, or freshwater fish
prepare dinner meat and fish very well and all the manner thru – do not permit raw meat or fish to touch cooked meat or fish
wash vegetables and fruit earlier than you eat them
wash your palms with soap and water before handling food, before ingesting, after using the toilet, and after near touch with animals
while travelling overseas, best drink water  is smooth – read extra advice approximately food and water safety overseas
Take greater care if you work or stay intently with animals or are staying in part of the world wherein tapeworm infections are common.

complications of tapeworm infections
In rare instances, tapeworms can purpose critical issues if newly hatched worms get from the gut into other organs, including the brain or liver.

The worms can form sacs called cysts, that can forestall the affected organ operating well.

this may only arise in case you swallow the eggs of a kind of tapeworm discovered in pigs, that can show up if tiny bits of poo of someone with this tapeworm get into your mouth. It can not happen from eating red meat.

depending on wherein they form, the cysts can motive troubles such as:

complications and suits (seizures)
yellowing of the pores and skin and eyes (jaundice)
a cough, shortness of breath, or coughing up blood
vision problems
a extreme allergy (anaphylaxis) – this can occur if a cyst bursts open
Cysts may be difficult to deal with. remedy may additionally involve a protracted route of anti-malicious program medicinal drug and likely surgery to take away the cysts.

dog tapeworms (hydatid ailment)
In a few elements of the world (and seldom within the uk), a kind of tapeworm determined in dogs can unfold to human beings. this is referred to as hydatid sickness.

Infections with those tapeworms can be critical and tough to treat, however simple precautions like getting your dog dewormed regularly and now not feeding them uncooked meat can help you keep away from it.

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